Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts

Details to be announced

All abstracts must be submitted electronically through online submission by December 31, 2019.

Papers relating to the following themes are invited:

  • Cornea
  • Contact Lens
  1. Abstract should be typed in the boxes provided on the submission form.
  2. Abstracts will be accepted in English only.
  3. The length of the abstract should be a maximum of 300 words and consist of text only.
  4. The research abstracts should contain objective, methods, results and conclusion.
  5. The case reports should contain background, case report, discussion and conclusion.
  6. The first author is responsible to disclose any conflict of interest on behalf of all listed authors.
  7. The first author is responsible for poster presentation of accepted abstracts at the date and time assigned by the scientific committee.
  8. All presenters MUST be registered for the congress by the early-bird deadline.
  9. Presenting author is responsible for his/her registration fee as well as travel and accommodation costs.
  10. The committee reserves the right to publish the accepted abstracts in the official publications of the congress.

Abstract Submission Form

All fields marked * are required.

Part A: Personal particulars of corresponding author
Part B: Abstract contents Title

The length of the title should not exceed 20 words.

Authorship: Author(s) should type their given name followed by surname
Institution: Department name followed by institution name, city and country

The length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.

PART C: Conflicts of Interest

Please tick one of the following boxes:

A conflict of interest exists if financial interests or other opportunities for tangible personal benefit of the presenter or co-authors may exert a substantial and improper influence on professional judgment in designing, conducting, or reporting research or clinical outcomes.
A conflict of interest however does not imply that professional judgment has been compromised. Conflicts of interest should be declared in the interests of demonstrating impartiality in research. Any conflict of interest must also be disclosed at the time of presentation.

PART D: Form of presentation

Please indicate your preference by choosing the more preferred.